Kerala Govt. Circulars


Circular No. 130558/SD1/82/GAD dated 10/03/1983 Public Services - Physically handicapped employees - Posting in the respective districts at the time of promotion— Instructions issued

Circular No.18326/AR14(1)/2011/P&ARD dated 29/10/2011-Training Programmes outside India

Circular No. 17482/Advice C3/2014/P&ARD dt. 19/09/2014 LGS, LDC, Junior Assistant, Assistant Grade-II and Cashier vacancies reported 

Circular No.768/R1/2004/P&ARD. dated 15/07/2004

Circular No.83667/SD3/77/GAD dt. 3/9/77

Circular No.110/2014/Fin dated 23/12/2014
Deduction of Tax at Source - Income Tax Deduction from Salaries during the financial
year 2014-15 under Section 192 of the Income -Tax Act 1961.
Circular - 88/80/(271)/Fin dated 19/12/1980 Higher Grade on completion of 13 years service
Circular No.8144/Adv.C1/97/P&ARD. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 30/05/1997
Circular No. 25684/SL-2/89/Fin dt. 11/4/1989 - Prompt payment against Civil Credit Notes and Railway Freight Credit Note by central ministries
Circular No.36075/W&M-14/89/Fin dated 8/5/1989 - Transactions of foreign currencies
Circular Memorandum No.47102/89/Fin dated 3/8/1989 - Issue of Tax deduction certificates in the newly prescribed form No.16- reg
Circular No.55804/SL2/89/Fin dated 4/8/1989 - Deposit scheme of retiring Govt. employees
Circular Memorandum No. 62679/W&M-14/89/Fin dated 16/8/1989 - payment made to contractors and sub contractors - Tad deduct at source u/s 194C of Income Tax Act 1961
Circular Memorandum No.62680/W&M-14/89/Fin dated 17/8/1989 - Deduction of Tax at Source -section 194-B and 194 BB of the Income Tax Act 1961
Circular No.4/79/Fin dated 16/1/1979 - FBS for Govt. employees - recovery from employees not eligible to join the scheme - avoidance of regarding
Circular Memorandum No.62680/W&M.14/89/fin dated 17/08/1989
Circular No.6/79/Fin dated 16/01/1979
Circular No.7/92/Fin dated 06/03/1992
Circular No.8/89/Fin dated 22/02/1989
Circular No.8/92/Fin dated 16/03/1992
Circular No.9/92/Fin dated 17/3/1992
Circular No.44008/P1/98/LSD dated 12/10/1998 grant - decentralization
Circular No.181/98/LAD Dt. 02/02/97 - Selection of beneficiaries under schemes prepared by Local bodies 
Circular No,37804/P3/98/LAD dt. 10/09/98 - Distribution of assets to individuals and families - Restrictions prescribed
Circular No.37805/98/L3/LAD dated 10/09/1998 - Public Information Board setting up of
Circular No. 37806/98/L3/LAD dt. 10/09/98 - Strengthening of Grama Sabha
Circular No. 37803/P2/98/LAD
Circular No 37783/P3/98 dt. 01/09/1998
Circular 4/89/Fin dated 07/02/1989
Circular No.28/89/Fin dated 24/04/1984
Circular No.34/89/Fin dated 31/05/1989 - Payment of pension benefits
Circular No.38/89/Fin dated 3/6/89 Superannuation -Leave Account - Clarification order
Circular No.62/93/Fin dated 04/09/1993
Circular No.2/99/Fin dated 05/01/1999
All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers(DDOs) ond Self  Drawing Officers (SDOs) drawing salary from the District Treasuries in Kerala shall e-submit the salary bills along with the normal bills generated through
SPARK from the salary bill for 10/2013, on wards, without fail.
Circular No.78/2013/Fin dated 17/10/2013
Income Tax Deduction from Salaries during the financial year 2013-14 under section 192 of the Income Tax Act 1961
Circular No. 85/2013 dated 30.10.2013

Circular No.9/96/(78)/Fin. (PRC-A)
Circular No.42/2003/Fin dated 22/05/2003 DCRG and Pensionary Benefits
Circular No.7049/Adv.C3/2012/P&ARD.
Circular No.768/RI/2004/P&ARD Dated 15/07/2014
Circular No.24623/2012/H&FWD Dated 11/07/2012
Circular 42/2013/Fin dated 10/05/2013
Circular No.10/2013/Fin dated 21/01/2013
Circular 56/12/Fin dated 29/09/2012
Circular 75/2011 dated 29/10/2011 Income Tax deduction from salaries
Circular No.48/07/Fin dated 16/06/2007
Circular No.34/2008/Fin dated 05/07/2008
Circular No.7235/R1/07/P&ARD Dated 23/06/2007
Circular No.48/2007/Fin dated 16/7/2007
Circular No.2517/R1/2013/P&ARD dated 8th February 2013
Circular No. 61/2012/Fin dated 12/10/2012 - Income Tax - Deduction of Tax at Source - Income Tax Deduction from Salaries Under Section 192 of the Income-Tax Act 1961, during the financial year 2012-13
Circular No.23/94/Fin dated 22/04/1994
Circular No.43/07/Fin dated 1/6/07
Circular No. 65/12/Fin dated 1/11/12
Circular No.58/12/Fin dated 6/10/12
Circular No. 62/12/Fin dated 16/10/12
Circular No.64/07/Fin dated 10/8/07
Circular No.46/2002/Fin dated 22/06/2002
Circular No.20/97/Fin dated 22/03/1997
Circular No. 51967/P2/297/LAD Dated 12/1/1998
Circular No.64/2007/Fin dated 10/08/2007
Circular No.18326/AR14/(1)/2011/P&ARD dated 29/10/2012
Circular No.50823/P3/97/LAD Dated 1/12/97
Circular No. 67/12/Fin dated 15/11/2012 - 7% DA Order No. GO(P)No.614/2012/Fin dated 8/11/2012
Circular No. 61/2007/Fin dated 27/07/2007
Circular No.5/2012/Fin dt. 7/1/2012
Circular No.62/93/Fin dt.4/09/1993
Circular No.32/2009/Fin dt.23/04/2009
Circular No.9/2007 Dated 27/02/2007
Circular No.72/2007 Dated 10/09/2007
Circular No.49/2012 Dated 04/08/2012
Circular No.21/2003 dated 29/03/2003
Circular No.22/2008/Fin dated 24/05/2008
Circular No.90/70/Fin dated 29/12/2007
Circular No.54706/P1/97/LSGD dated 18/12/97
Circular No. 50198/P1/97/LSGD Dated 5/1/98
Circular No.51967/P2/297/LSGD Dated 12/1/1998
Circular No. 7978/P1/98/LSGD Dated 17/2/98




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