GO 1990-1999


GO(MS)No.413/95/Fin dt. 07/07/92 - TA Ceiling Exemption
GO(MS)No.460/95/GEDn dated 26/9/1995 General Education Vocational higher Secondary Education - Introduction of scale of pay to the Non-vocational Teachers- orders issued -
GO(P)No.341/95/(42)/Fin dated 19/4/1995 Pay Revision 1992-Scheduled Cast Development Dept. re-organisation of Technical wing -inclusion of post - orders issued
GO(P)No.479/95/F & PD dated 28/11/1995 fees for visiting of different ports in Kerala
GO(P)No.1100/95(68)/Fin dated 22/12/1995 - Last Grade Employees Time Bound Higher Grade - Order
GO(P)No.817/95/(58)/Fin dated 14/11/1995 (Common Category - Last Grade - Ratio and scale of Pay - Modification
GO(P)No.420/95/Fin dated 5/7/95
GO(P)No.189/1995/LSGD dated 18/9/1995 Decentralization - Kerala Panchayath Act
GO(P)No.420/95/Fin dated 05/07/1995
GO(P)No.888/95/Fin dated 28/11/95

GO(MS)No.53/95/F &PD Dated 15/09/1995

GO(MS)No.1249/96/Fin dated 26/12/1996 - Kerala House, New Delhi - Chauffeurs - Special Allowance - Revision - Orders Issued
GO(P)No.200/96/LSGD dated 24/09/1996 - Panchayath - scale of pay of Full Time Contingent is considered as the scale of pay of Last Grade Servant's salary - w.e.f 1/03/1992
GO(MS)No.06/96/LBR - Industrial Training Department - Delegation of powers 
GO(P)No.567/96/Fin dated 11/9/1996 Delegation of administrative power of various officers in State Insurance Dept
GO(MS)No.06/96/LBR dated 17/01/1996 - Industrial Training Department - Delegation of powers to the officers engaged - Orders issued
GO(MS)836/96(113)/Fin dated 4/11/1996 Vocational Higher Secondary Education and Laboratory Asst. modified scale
GO(P)No.161/96/(74)/Fin. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 2nd February, 1996
G.O(P) No.32/96/(73)/Fín. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram 3rd January, 1996.
GO(P)NO.171/96/(75)/Fin. dated 05/02/1996
GO(MS)No.10/96(70)/Fin dated 01/01/1996
GO(P)No.167/96/Fin. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram„ 5th February, 1996
GO(Rt.)No.350/96/Planning Dated 10/09/1996 9th Five Year Plan scheme - Decentralization programmes
GO(P)No.193/96/(76)/Fin. dated 13/02/1996
GO(P)No.208/96(77)/Fin. 19/2/1996
GO(MS)No.219/96(79)/Fin dated 28/2/1996
GO(MS)No.265/96(81)/Fin dated 21/03/1996
GO(MS)No.268/96(82)/Fin dated  21/03/1996 
GO(MS)No.284/96(84)/Fin dated 28/03/1996 
GO(MS)No.285/96(85)/Fin dated 28/03/1996
GO(P)No.352/96/(36)/Fin. Dated, Thiïuvananthapuram, 11th April, 1996.


GO(P)No.73/97/SCSTDD dated 05/08/1997 - Special Rules for the Kerala Scheduled Caste Development Subordinate service, 1997 
GO(P)No.699/97/Fin dated 18/08/1997 - Kerala Public Service Act 1968 - Amend of Kerala Treasury Rule
GO(P)No.734/97/Fin dated 28/08/1997 - Loans and Advances - Introduction of a scheme for sanctioning Advance to Class IV Employees for Marriage Expenses of their  female children - sanctioned orders issued
GO(P)No.20/97/F &PD dated 19/06/97
GO(P)No.40/97/F &PD Dated 19/11/1997 Indian Ports Act 1908
GO(P)No.50198/P1/97/LAD Dated 5/1/1998
GO(P)No.260/97/LAD Dated 1/12/1997
GO(P)No.246/97/LAD Dated 6/11/97
GO(P)No.218/97/LAD Dated 30/9/97
GO(P)No.404/97/Fin dated 20/03/1997
GO(MS)No.172-97 dated 11/11/98
GO(P)No.185/97/LAD Dated 26/07/97
GO(P)No.82/97/Panchayath Raj SC/ST/ Dev, dated 13/02/1997
GO(P)No.216/97/LAD Dated 23/10/1997
GO(P)No.1459/97/Fin dated 29/12/97
GO(P)No.721/97/Fin dated 23/8/97
GO(MS)No.8/97/Plg dated 16/5/1997 Ninth Five Year Plan decentralised Planning - Local level plans
GO(P)No.218/97/LAD Dated 30/09/1997
GO(MS)No.254/97/LSGD dated 12/11/97
GO(P)No.260/97/LAD Dated 1/12/1997
GO(P)No.221/97/LAD dated 05/10/97
GO(P)No.220/97/LAD Dated 02/10/1997
GO(P)No.246/97/LAD dated 6/11/1997
GO(MS)No.29/97/Plg dated 26/12/1997 - Ninth Five Year - Decentralised planning - guidelines for comptetion and functions of expert committees at different levels - clarification - orders issued
GO(MS)No.21/97/Plg dated 7/11/1997 Ninth Five Year Plan decentralised planning - local plans - procedure for appraisal and approval of projects and issue of technical sanctions by block level

GO(P)No.181/98/LAD dated 2/9/1998 - Revised Guid lines

GO(P)No.32/98/P&ARD dated 28/09/1998 Physically handicapped Provisional employees who were in service during the period from  1/1/97 to 31/12/1997 re-appointment and continuance in service - orders issued

G(MS)No.180/98/LSG dt. 31/8/1998 - Elected members - Monthly honorarium

GO(P)No.1603/98/Fin dated 16/6/1998 - Local Bodies -Flow of Funds·and utilisation of Budget Provision -Further Orders issued.

GO(MA)No.186/98/LAD dt. 17/09/1998 - People's campaign - 1998-99-Allocation of Plan Funds to local bodies - release of first installment
GO(P)No.191/98/LAD dt. 19/09/1998 LAD - Grama Panchayath - Performance - Audit system - Dy. Director of Panchayath. designed as district level
GO(P)No.182/98/LAD Dated 10/09/1998 Decentralization of powers
GO(P)No.2832/98/Fin dated 12/11/1998 - Utilization of funds allotted to implementing officers - unspent balance - transfer to general PD Accounts

GO(P)No.2833/98/Fin. Dated 12/11/1998. de-centralization of powers transfer of funds to local bodies in respect of transferred schemes - guide lines to avoid delayed utilisation 

GO(P)No.2927/98/Fin. Dated 20/11/1998. Non encashment of cheques issued on or before 30/06/1998 - guide line issued for new cheques

GO(P)No.3028/98/Fin. Dated 30/11/1998. Local Bodies - PD Account towards Social Security Pensions -Furnishing of certificate - Modification order issued

GO(P)No.80/98/Fin. Dated 2/12/1998. Local Bodies - PD Account of the implementing Officer Excess payment  Strict Instruction - Issued.

G.0.(P)N0.3230/98/Fin. Dated. Thìruvananlhapuram 29-1 24998.
People's Plan Campaign 1997-98- Expenditure incurred by local bodies
Dis allowance and Computing of  Constitution of committee and issue of 

GO(P)No.1658/98/FIn dated 29/06/1998 - Local bodies - release grant-in-aid to Grama Panchayat for implementing integrated Child Development Scheme
GO(P)No.4202/98/Fin dated 21/07/1998 - Cheques issued by the local bodies from the Personal Deposit Account - Restriction on validity
GO(P)NO.1592/98/Fin dated 16/06/1998 - Public Service - Appointment of Data Entry Operators and Computer Operators on daily wage basis - Fixing of wage- orders issued
GO(P)No.7/98/F & PD dated 2/2/1998
GO(P)No.54/98/LAD Dated 17/3/98
GO(P)No.534/98/Fin dated 6/2/98
GO(P)No.4/98/LAD Dated 6/1/1998
GO(P)No.383/98/Fin dated 24/1/98
GO(P)No.18/98/LAD Dated 22/1/98
GO(MS)No.75/98/LAD Dated 26/03/1998
GO(PS)No.899/98/(155)/Fin dated 10/03/1998
GOMS)No.29/98/IRD Dated 19/03/1998
GO(P)No.1016/98/Fin dated 17/03/1998
GO(P)No.582/98/Fin dated 09/02/1998
GO(MS)No.75/98/LAD Dated 26/3/98
GO(P)No.69/98/LSGD Dated 21/3/98
GO(P)No.54/98/LAD Dated 17/3/1998
GO(P)No.31/98/LAD Dated 13/2/1998
GO(P)No.18/98/LAD Dated 22/1/98
GO(P)No.4/98/LSGD Dated 6/1/1998
GO(P)No.2981/98/Fin dated 25/11/1998 Finance Inspection Wing (Technical and Non-Technical) conduct inspection follow up action on inquiry
GO(MS)No.2/98/Plg dated 16/1/1998 Ninth Five year plan - Decentralised planning - annual plan 1997-98 of local bodies - procedure for Revision and Modifications of projects - orders issued


GO(P)No.171/1999/H.Edn dated 21/12/1999

GO(P)No.12/99/P&ARD dated 24/05/1999 - Public service - scheme for compassionate Employment  of the Dependents of Govt. servants who die in harness - modified orders issued
 GO(MS)No.1574/99/Fin dated 13/07/1999 - - Non Tax Revenue - Enhancement of Non Tax Revenue in the Department of Police - Orders issued
GO(P)No.1582/99/Fin dated 15/07/1999 - Advance Motor Conveyance Advance sanctioning of Motor/Scooter advance for a second time- modification - orders issued
GO(P)No.417/99/Fin dated 08/02/1999 - Kerala State Insurance Department - Strengthening of District Insurance Offices - Creation of new posts - sanctioned - orders issued
GO(P)No.1667/99/Fin dated 31/07/1999 - Pay Revision 1997-Inter changeable posts of Junior Superintendents - Further Orders issued

GO(MS)No.1666/99/(34)/Fin dated 31/07/1999 - Pay Revision - Special Allowance Further orders issued
GO(P)No.1582/99/Fin dated 15/7/1999 - Motor Conveyance - Sanctioning of Motor cycle / Scooter Advance for a second time - Modification - orders issued
GO(P)No.1354/99/Fin dated 10/05/1999 Public Service - Appointment of Data entry operators of daily wage basis- Basic qualification modified - orders issued
GO(P)No.1341/99/Fin dated 04/05/1999 Non Tax Revenue - Enhancement of Non Tax Revenue in the Stationery Department - Orders issued
GO(P)No.1339/99/(19)/Fin dated 03/05/1999 - Pay Revision 1997 - Revision of scale of pay of Part Time Contingent Employees - Further clarification orders issued
GO(P)No.1414/99/Fin dated 24/05/1999 - Kerala Public Works Account Code - Amendment - issued orders
GO(MS)No.10/99/LBR dated 27/01/1999 - Industrial Training Dept. - Delegation of Administrative Powers to the officers of the Regional Directorate of Industrial Training Dept. - Kannur
GO(MS)No.1265/99(14)/Fin dated 05/04/1999 - Pay Revision 1997-Revision of allowances of Fire Service Personnel Ration Money and Risk Allowance
GO(MS)No.1426/99/Fin dated 27/05/1999 - Delegation of powers - Delegation of powers to the officials of the Regional Directorate of Industrial Training Dept. at Kannur and Employment Training Centre
GO(P)No.1261/99/Fin dated 31/03/1999 - Local bodies unspent balance with the implementing officers -Transfer to the general PD Account of the Secretary of the local body-clarification-orders issued

GO(MS)No.1000/99(12)/Fin dated 16/3/1999 - Revision 1997 - Revision of scale of Pay and other Allowances to Medical Officers - Orders
GO(P)No.1146/99/Fin dated 25/03/1999 - Local Bodies - Release of 4th Instalment of Plan Grant-in-aid-relaxation orders issued

GO(P)No.616/99/Fin dated 23/2/1999 First release of funds reducing of mandatory expenditure-amendment to GO(P)No.676/97/Fin dated 06/08/1997
GO(P)No.1851/99/Fin dated 18/09/1999 Ex-gratia pension scheme - Orders issued
GO(MS)No.401/99(7)/Fin dated 06/02/1999
GO(P)No.24/99/P&ARD. Dated.,Thiruvananthapuram, I8th November, 1999
GO(P)No.1815/99/(42)/Fin dated 15/9/1999
GO(P)No.1854/99/(45)Fin dated 20/9/1999
GO(P)No.2357/99/Fin dated 25/11/1999
GO(P)No.2466/99/Fin dated 07/12/1994


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