Friday, October 19, 2012

Kerala Government Orders 2009

2009 Government Orders

GO(P)No.531/09/Fin dated 30/11/2009
Kerala Service Rules Part III  Service put in by Employees in Panchayath/'Municipal  Service and.' Universities prior to entry in Government Service including Aided 'Schad/Aided College service and vice-versa Reckoning for pension- dispensing with payment of pro-rata pensionary liabilities- Modification - Orders issued

GO(P)No. 531/09/Fin dated 30/11/2009 Kerala Service' Rules Part: III Services put in by Employees in Panchayath/Municipal Common Service and Universities 
GO(P)No.22/2009/P&ARD dated 30/12/2009
GO(P)No.211/09/Fin dated 2/6/2009
GO(P)No.280/2009/Fin dated 15/7/2009
GO(P)No.512/09/Fin dated 18/11/2009-9% DA
GO(P)No.249/2009/Fin dated 01/07/2009
GO(P)No.553/2009/Fin dated 10/12/2009
GO(P)No.213/2009/Fin dated 03/06/2009
GO(P)No.213/2009/Fin dated 03/06/2009
Local Self Government Institutions  Funds For Expansion and l)eve1opme11l - EMS 
Housing Programme and Other Housing Schemes - Unspent Amount from the Funds 
earmarked for 2008-09* Exemption from deduction t0,Wards  of shortfall in 
expenditure from budget allocation for 2010-11- Orders Issued. 
GO(P)No.249/2009/Fin. Dated, Thiruïananthapuram, dated 01/07/2009
GO(P)No.512/09/Fin dated 18/11/2009
GO(P)No.280/2009/Fin dated 15/07/2009
GO(P)No.211/2009/Fin dated 02/06/2009

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