Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kerala Government Circulars


Circular No.46/2009/Fin dated 04/06/2009
Circular No.67/10/Fin dated 15/07/2010
Circular No.46/09/Fin dated 4/6/07
Circular No.72/07/Fin dated 10/09/2007
Circular No.30840/MW2/12/GAD
Circular No.35/04/Fin dated 8/6/2004
Circular No.29/2012/Fin dated 31/05/2012 Budget estimates 2012-2013 First batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants (SDG) 2012-2013 Proposals- -Instructions issued.
No.82/2011/Fin dt. 28/11/2011Forwarding copies of Government Orders/Circulars io the Principal 
Accountant General (Audil) and Accountant General (A & E)- Thiruvananthapuram- Modification issued
No.85/2003/Fin dated 16/10/2003 Surrender of earned leave--Eligibility to provisional hands-Further
No.72/2007/Fin dt. 10/09/2007 Dearness Relief on Pension to Pensioners and Familly Pensioners coming under UGC/AICTE Medica1 Education Schemes with effect from 1-1-2007.
No.70525/R1/2000 dated 20/06/2000
11/11/2010 No.97/2010/Fin New House Building Advance
2/08/2011 Circular No.50/2011/Fin dt. 2/8/2011

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